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Bean Bag - Beach Stripe 

Our Beach Stripe Crashmat Bean Bag is a new addition to our range. Elegant enough to be perfect for the pool, alfresco area, kids room or any space in your home indoors our outdoors. This gorgeous, yet subtly coloured beach stripe bean bag is designed and constructed using high quality, heavy duty cotton canvas. It features a water resistant coating, an inner liner to hold polystyrene beans and a child safe zip to meet Australian compliance standards.
Our versatile design allows for seated or lying positions and features an inner liner for easy removal and cleaning of the outer canvas.
For optimum comfort we recommend filling large crashmat bean bags with approximately 350 - 400 liter's of beans or 7kg of foam. 
For our small beanbag we recommend approximately 200 liters of beans or 4-5 kgs of foam
Approximate Size: 180 cm x 140 cm - Large
Approximate Size: 130 cm x 100 cm - Small
Colors in our stripe are red, yellow, navy, sky, green, purple orange and white.

NOTE: crashmat is provided without beans.

Beans and Foam can be purchased at most major retailers.

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