With these few simple tips your Crashmat will last you many comfy years.

Crashmat products are usually made from 100% heavy cotton canvas which is very tough and durable, but, please keep them away from sharp objects.

Crashmats love being inside and out under your alfresco area. They can be used outside but not recommended for long periods of time.  Please don’t use them in the pool, nor are they a flotation device.

Cover Up or store away your Crashmat when NOT IN USE!


Crashmats always come with a liner for the beans.  So that way if you do need to wash the cover, it is nice and easy!

Being 100% cotton, they (the covers) can be washed on a cold, gentle machine cycle or spot cleaned with a damp cloth.  Each machine wash will however slowly deteriorate the crashmats water repellency.  (They can always be re-sprayed with a waterproof spray if that happens down the track).


Why is my zip broken?

It’s not broken!!  Under Australian standards, any product containing polystyrene beans must have a child lock (or safety) zip.  To open the zip, simply use a paperclip.  Just slide the paperclip into the tab (where a zip pull should be) and then use like a normal zip and zip pull.  Be sure to remove it again when you have finished. 

One little extra tip for this… There is a small piece of metal inside the zip when you look at it closely.  You need to make sure the paperclip goes underneath this little piece of metal, as otherwise the zip won’t budge (as this is the locking mechanism of the zip)! 

How many beans?

For each crashmat we recommend 350 litres of beans as this means you can sit in it easily and comfortably in many different ways.  But at the end of the day it is down to personal choice, so if you need less or more, that is totally up to you!

Please refer to each individual product for filling details.

We also suggest filling a crashmat is a two person job.  One to pour the beans and the other to hold open the liner.  Filling your beanbag in the bath helps keep the mess contained if you spill any!

 If you have any questions at all, please head to our Contact Us page and get in touch!

Extra Care Tips For Your Crashmat Beanbag

The easiest and simplest thing that you can do to keep your outdoor beanbags looking good for a long time, is to simply cover them up when not in use.

Our fabric is water resistant treated to be more durable when exposed to many weather conditions, however they are not made to be kept outside for long term use, We recommend not leaving exposed to the sun/rain on an ongoing basis.

 Crashmat Beanbags are not designed to use as a flotation in a pool or ocean

 Below are some basic tips to help you care for your Crashmat Beanbag:

1. Cover up or store away when not in use,

2.  Do not leave exposed to sun and rain on an ongoing basis

3.  A simple wipe will generally help remove mark

4.  Avoid chlorine and bleach

5.  A gentle machine wash is best.

6.  We suggest not to tumble drying your Crashmat beanbag.