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Bean Bags Waterproof

Crashmat Bean Bags - Waterproof

When speaking to you our Crashmat customers and living by the sea we felt our range was missing something.  So after months of trialing we have produced a waterproof range of Crashmat Beanbags.  Great for by the pool, alfresco area, kids room or any outdoor spaces.  A Crashmat Beanbag is a great alternative for seating!

Crashmat bean bags are available in a range of colours and patterns, and are great to use inside or out. All of our bean bags are 100% cotton, specifically a heavy cotton canvas.  

Crashmats always come with a liner for the beans, this makes it super easy to remove the cover and wash in a cold, gentle cycle in the washing machine! Easy! 


Care Tips For Your Crashmat Beanbag


The easiest and simplest thing that you can do to keep your outdoor beanbags looking good for a long time, is to simply cover them up when not in use.


Our waterproof fabric is treated to be more durable when exposed to many weather conditions, for long term use we recommend not leaving exposed to the sun/rain on an ongoing basis.

Crashmat Beanbags are not designed to use as a flotation in a pool or ocean

Below are some basic tips to help you care for your Waterproof Crashmat Beanbag:


  1. Cover up or store away when not in use
  2. Do not leave exposed to sun and rain on an ongoing basis
  3. A simple wipe will generally help remove marks
  4. Avoid chlorine and bleach
  5. A gentle machine wash is best.
  6. WE suggest not to tumble drying your crashmat beanbag.



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