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​TV shows you MUST binge watch (on a crashmat)!

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What did we ever do before we had the ability to stream episodes of our favourite TV shows in one big binge watching session at a time? Thank you, technology!

Here are some of the must-watch shows from past and present that you must enjoy while chilling on one of our super comfortable crashmat beanbags!

Orange is the New Black (OITNB)

Filled with dark humour, suspense and drama, it follows the life of a fairly sheltered, professional woman named Piper Chapman who is imprisoned after her past relationship with a drug smuggler catches up with her. The cast is refreshingly diverse and you really will be hooked in no time!

Full House

An absolute staple from the 1990s, this will have you rolling deep in sitcom nostalgia. The cheesy jokes, the dorky catch phrases, all of it. This is a great one for rainy weekends in winter with the kids. You can even follow up with a couple of seasons of Fuller House - the reunion reboot!

Pretty Little Liars

If you like easy-to-digest mystery and intrigue, you’ll like this one. Four girls are tormented by a mysterious ‘A’. Season after season, you will never cease to be surprised by the plot twists!

The Walking Dead

Key word: zombies. If you’re into zombies (and crazy gore), you’ll really enjoy this one.


If reality TV is more your kind of thing, you’ll be fascinated by the world of ‘catfishing’ – a modern phenomenon where people deceive others into believing they are another person entirely on the internet. Follow hosts Nev and Max as they investigate on behalf of every day people who want to meet their online friends or lovers, only to find they are not always who they say they are.

Happy watching!