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The Benefits of Beanbags Around the home

Posted by Hadey & Nicole on

Everybody loves to be comfortable, especially when we are at home! Our homes are a haven for relaxation as well as style. They are a visual representation of our lives in which we resuscitate and refresh. Beanbags are a versatile way to add functional comfort to the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

Beanbags have a purpose. They are an intense comfort option that also adds cheer to your space. So much, so that beanbag chairs are making a significant comeback in the world of interior designs. Let's have a look into why they are so favoured.

Beanbags aren’t just for fun and games

When people think beanbags, they often think of children. While it is true, there are plenty of kids beanbag options that are durable and can handle playtime as well as nap time, the ranges for adults have also come a long way.

Beanbags have a lot of health and environmental benefits, and with the varied range of styles and materials available, it's easy to find a beanbag to match the design of your home. Plus, adults want to be comfortable too!

An environmentally-friendly style option

Beanbags are often filled with upcycled materials like memory foam or recyclable polystyrene beads, so you are reducing your carbon footprint while being immensely comfortable.

The variance in colours, materials and shapes means that finding a beanbag that suits your interior design is easy. From something fun for the kids to a touch of class for the adults, the world of beanbags is varied!

Speak to our team about matching the right beanbag to your decor today, we have plenty of interior advice to offer. Whoever said looking good is uncomfortable clearly never spent time in a beanbag!

Beanbag options

The world of beanbags is no stranger to advancements in design and technology, making it easy to find the right option for you. These days you can find a comfier and more laid-back version of your typical lounge chair in beanbag form with ease.

You may want to opt for a beanbag shaped like a pyramid with beads at the top to give optimal back support? What about a beanbag made entirely of canvas? The options are endless, as is the level of flexible structure, which means you can find something fairly set or an option that is easily transformed into a seat, hammock, or bed.

Interested in adding the comfort of beanbags to your world?

Combine utility and comfort with an indoor, or weather-resistant outdoor beanbag today. Play around with it to position the shape to your liking and enjoy the convenience of moving this form of furniture effortlessly from one room to another. It's easy to rearrange your home’s look with beanbags!

Interested in increasing the comfort levels of your home? Speak to the team at Crashmat today and view our range today to find the perfect beanbag for your home and lifestyle. Undeniable comfort all the time is easy with a beanbag!