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How to fill your Crashmat Beanbag

Posted by Hadey & Nicole x on

One of the questions we get asked quite often is:

"How do I fill my Crashmat Beanbag?" 

Our large Beanbag is 180cm x 140 cm so it can be quite daunting when you first open the beanbag.  All of our Beanbags come with an inner liner to make it easier to put the beans in.  We recommend between 350-400 litres for our large beanbag and these beans can be purchased from any large retailer.

The easiest way to fill your beanbag is in the bath. Place the plug in the bath to catch any beans that may escape and these can be vacuumed up later  so they don't go into our water ways.

Its definitely a 2 person job to fill your beanbag!!

Open your liner with the paper clip provided on your Thank-you card.  Having someone to hold open the opening while you pour is easiest.

Cut a hole in one corner of the beans on a diagonal (no more than 15cm wide) and slowly pour the beans into the inner liner.  Complete this with the other 3 bags of beans.  Using the paper clip zip the liner closed. 

Any beans that have escaped can be vacuumed up!

Open your Crashmat beanbag zip with the paper clip supplied.  The reason your zip is like this is because the beanbag is made to Australian Safety standards (Also see your beanbag for instructions)

Place the Inner liner in your Crashmat Beanbag and zip the beanbag up with your supplied paper clip.    

The inner liner can be removed at anytime for cleaning or if you need to top up your beans.

Our kids beanbags and Ottomans are filled the same way!

Enjoy your new Crashmat Beanbag!!